Kiwi application monitor

Kiwi application monitor 1.2.0

Monitor active processes, receive alert messages and schedule tasks


  • Customize the apps you want to monitor
  • Great variety of filters to receive warning messages and schedule tasks


  • Slow in response
  • Stats and advanced rules no available

Not bad

If your system has suddenly started to work slower, it's important to monitor every aspect of it to find out the possible reason for this malfunctioning.

Kiwi application monitor can help you in this task by providing you with the necessary tools to control every active process and application on your system. Unlike the standard Process Manager in Windows, Kiwi application monitor doesn't show up a list with all the currently active apps on the system. Instead, it runs in the background and alerts you whenever there's any suspicious activity, according to the rules you have previously set.

These rules include sending warning messages every time a selected application launches or ends, or when its memory load or running time exceeds a certain limit. You can then schedule Kiwi application monitor to perform certain automatic tasks, like closing the program or turning off the computer.

The idea behind Kiwi application monitor is good but the program falls short of expectations in a few areas. It's generally slow to respond, and even the warning messages take about a minute to appear. Also, advanced rules and stats are only available in the paid version, so you don't even get the chance to try them out.

Kiwi application monitor lets you monitor all active processes and applications and schedule automatic tasks accordingly. Too bad it's not as quick and effective as it should.

Kiwi application monitor


Kiwi application monitor 1.2.0

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  • by Anonymous

    Great tool!.
    The idea behing the "slow response" is that it checks all the selected stuff once...   More